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Recommended Supplies

Glamorous Goldens is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.  Products listed are all ones that we use ourselves here at Glamorous Goldens or have come highly recommended by friends or puppy families.


All of my puppies go home with a small bag of Nutrisource Large Breed Puppy Chicken and Rice formula.  I have been feeding this to my puppies for the past few years and have had beautiful, healthy puppies while feeding this food so it is my go to for puppies.  Nutrisource is a smaller company that does not sell their products in big box stores like Petco, Petsmart, Walmart, ect or online at sites like chewy.com or amazon.  While you can find it on amazon, it will be through an unauthorized 3rd party seller, so I would recommend finding it from an authorized seller for a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To find an authorized supplier near you, visit https://nutrisourcepetfoods.com/where-to-buy.

A few of my adults can be picky eaters especially when pregnant or get tired of the same food all of the time, so throughout the year I will rotate between a few different brands of dog foods.  My main food is Nutrisource Large Breen Chicken and Rice Adult formula, again my adults thrive on this food.

Other foods that my dogs approve of taste wise and I approve of for the amount of food that they need to be fed to be in great shape, have a nice luxurious coat, and does not give them overly smelly or frequent bowel movements are: 

Loyall Professional All Stages of Life (to find a retailer near you, visit  https://www.nutrenaworld.com/loyall-pet-foods).

Royal Canin Large Adult or Golden Retriever Adult formulas.  Royal Canin can be found at most pet food stores.

NuVet Plus:

Heal and protect your pet for life!!

As a dog breeder, animal health is my top priority. That’s why we enthusiastically recommend NuVet Plus immune system builder to all of our customers. Simply put, it is the best nutritional supplement available today.

Hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats are using NuVet Plus to provide optimal health and a strong immune system. A strong immune system will protect them from environmental and food toxins such as back yard pesticides, hormones, toxic formaldehyde in furniture and carpeting. NuVet Plus also supports proper development as well as a beautiful skin and coat.

This is not just a vitamin. It’s an immune system builder with a precise balance of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, amino acids and high-potency antioxidants. That’s why it works so well through all three stages of a dog’s life.

  • For puppies - Fills the immunity gap all puppies experience. Shortly after birth maternal antibody effectiveness is greatly reduced. By 8 weeks your puppy’s immune system is at a vulnerable point. Once in their new home, the immune system is weakened by the stress of adoption and exposure to novel bacteria and viruses in their environment. This is also when the vaccine series is started. Vaccines are most effective if the immune system can respond properly. Starting NuVet Plus now is important to helping your puppy grow into a healthy adult.

  • For dogs in their prime - Provides the necessary antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to sustain peak performance during the prime of their lives.

  • For older dogs - Helps provide the nutritional needs to live long, happy, and productive lives in their senior years.

We highly recommend NuVet Plus to keep your pet on the path to perfect health! It’s not available in stores, and is only available to the general public with an order code from an authorized pet professional.

Here at Glamorous Goldens we not only give all of our dogs NuVet Plus supplements daily but we also enjoy many of their other wonderful products.  One of my favorite is the puppy shampoo!  

For your convenience, you may order directly from the manufacturer by calling 800-474-7044 and using Order Code: 26516, or ordering online at www.nuvet.com/26516. You can also save an additional 15% and assure you never run out of NuVet by choosing the “AutoShip” option at check out.

Crates & Gates:

Most of my puppy families ask about crate training and what crates I would recommend.  Our Goldens are not normally in crates as they have free range of the house or we block them in the kitchen/laundry area using baby gates if we need them to stay in one place or be separated but we do have a Collie who likes to cause mischief and needs to be crated at night and while we are away.  We have the iCrate for her.  Other puppy families have purchased the Amazon Basics Crate and really liked them.  I prefer and recommend that you start right off the bat with the extra large crate (approximate dimensions 42L x 30W x 28H), most come with dividers if you want to keep your puppy in a smaller area.  I also like to have the double door option but that is totally up to your discretion.

Another option, which is what I will keep the puppies in from the age of 4 weeks until they go home is a puppy play pen.  You can get them in various sizes and make them bigger or smaller as needed.  These are great for not only in the house but outside as well if you do not have a fenced in yard or just want to have your puppy outside with you but in a safe and secure area.

I recently was asked what kinds of gates I use, having a houseful of kids (we have 5) and dogs, gates are an absolute must.  We have gone through A LOT of gates to find ones that work well.  Some gates don't stay in place well or are easy for kids (and sometimes dogs) to figure out how to open a little too easily, others have a learning curve on figuring out how to open them (we have multiple adult family/friends who still are unable to open a few gates around the house).  One of the easiest ones we have to open but yet has stayed sturdy in place is a Muchkin Easy Close.  If you're open to the learning curve and a little more work to get a gate open, my favorite is Northern States MyPet gate, once you have it down it's very easy to open, you can also lock it in place so if you will be going in and out of the room and don't want to keep messing with unlocking it every time you can twist the lock feature so it does not click in place.  Another easy to open gate is the Norther States Easy Swing gate.


Grooming Supplies

Everyone has their favorites when it comes to this subject, here are a list of my favorite grooming products ranging from brushes, shampoos, dry shampoos, perfumes to freshen up between baths, etc.

Brushes -

My personal go to brush for my dogs is a Wahl 2 sided brush.  For puppies I have a few smaller brushes that are similar to the Wahl or a Hertzko Soft brush that is a little more gentle on a puppies coat.

For shedding many people swear by the Furminator, which is a great product that I have as well, but I find myself grabbing the Wahl 2 in 1 Shedding Brush more often to pull out the loose hair on my dogs.  I use this every time I give baths, I get the dog wet then use the comb side to pull out loose hair and work through any tangles.  Once they are washed I use the shedding blade before doing one last rinse.

Nail clippers - 

I use Wahl Clippers and have a simple nail file on hand for in between trimmings or to file down darker nails after I've clipped them a little as to not cut too much.

I know some people are not comfortable with clipping their dogs nails, for those that don't want to have to take their dog in for a nail trim but are afraid of cutting too far with a traditional clipper themselves, Invenho Nail Grinder is a great solution.

For those that do trim their dogs nails at home, I recommend always having some Styptic Powder on hand.  In the event that you cut too far, pour some of this powder on the nail to help stop the bleeding.

Shampoos -

I am always buying and trying new dog and puppy shampoos.  I really like NuVet's line of shampoos, I use the puppy one for when the puppies are young and get their first few baths.  

Another shampoo I frequently use is Hartz Whitening Shampoo when the dogs are especially dirty or stained from some of their favorite activities (like playing in the freshly mowed grass and come inside green or during the summer months when they spend a lot of time playing in either their water dishes or pools and start to turn a little yellow).  The blue color of this shampoo helps brightens their "white" coats.

How about the smelly dogs, Goldens love to find mischief and many times have come in after a day of playing in the yard smelling absolutely terrible.  Or our few dogs who like to run the fields around us after the farmers spread manure.  Pet Head Dirty Talk is great for instances like these.

In the past with our American Goldens we had a lot of skin issues, hot spots, allergies, etc along with having horses, we always keep Aloedine on hand.  I have a lot of people that get puppies from me who have other dogs with skin issues and they ask what they can use to help clear it up, I always recommend Aloedine and many have said it's worked wonders for them.  It's a mix of aloe and .5% iodine which helps sooth and heal skin conditions.

So a lot of baths are not good for dogs coats, it strips their skin and fur of its natural oils making it dry.  One reason for excessive shedding is a dry coat.  For that reason, I only recommend bathing your dog every couple months unless absolutely necessary.  The wonderful thing about Goldens is they have a double coat, so when your pup decides to dig a hole after it's been raining and is covered from top to bottom in mud, don't fret.  Let him/her dry off in a secluded place where they can't make even more of a mess and once they're dry you can brush almost all of the dirt right off of them!  A great way to keep your pup smelling fresh between baths is either a dry "waterless" shampoo or some doggy perfume.

My go to dry shampoo is a John Paul Oatmeal waterless shampoo.  Put a little in your palms and rub into your dogs coat.

I do not like super over powering doggy perfumes, so my favorites are more mild ones.  I have picked out quite a few favorites over the years.  Bio Grooms Country Naturals line are some of my favorites, if you have gotten a puppy from me in 2018/2019, your pup likely went home wearing the Country Naturals Country Freesia scent.  Their Crisp Apple and Wild Honeysuckle are nice scents as well. Another I like is TropiClean Berry BreezePet Head's Knot Datangler is a 2 for 1, not only does it help brush out the knots in your dogs coat but also has a nice watermelon scent.