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  English Golden Retrievers

* Our application forum is currently not working, please copy and paste the below questions and email them directly to GlamorousGoldens@aol.com to complete a puppy application.

First Name:

Last Name:



Where are you located?

Are you wanting a: Male, Female, Open to either

Which litter are you interested in: Waiting list for Lexi’s July Litter, Reservation for Maggie’s Fall litter (English/American mix), Later 2020 litter, 2021 litter

We do not ship our puppies.  Will you be able to travel to us to pick up your puppy?

Tell us a little about yourself and any other members in the household:

Do you have any other pets in the home?  If so, please tell us about them:

Who will be the puppies primary care giver?

How many hours a day will the puppy be left alone? Seldom, 1-4, 4-8, 8+

Where will your puppy be kept while you are not at home? Free range of house, in a puppy proof room, kennel, doggy day care

Are you looking to do any of the following with you Golden? Obedience classes, Showing, Therapy training

What qualities are you looking for in a puppy?

Reserving a puppy: If you choose to reserve a puppy, you agree to place a non-refundable deposit of $300 as a commitment to purchase a puppy.  This deposit is not refundable but can be transferred to another litter.  If placing a deposit on a future litter, you understand that you are not guaranteed to receive a puppy from a specific breeding.  Size of litter, sexes of puppies, and unforeseen circumstances can affect the outcome of a litter.  Therefore, if there were not enough puppies or not enough of the sex that you would prefer in a litter, your deposit will then be moved to the next upcoming litter.  Please acknowledge your agreement.

Please let us know if there is anything further you would like us to know!