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Navilis Fall In Love


Wyatt, there is so much I could say about this dog but none of it would do him any justice.  Only the people who get the pleasure to meet this beautiful boy can understand just how special he really is.  He loves attention (sometimes a little too much), is very people oriented, and just a big old teddy bear when it comes down to it.  His registered name "Navilis Fall In Love" could not suit him any better because everyone who's met him has fallen in love with him.  Not only does he have a personality of gold but he is absolutely stunning as well.

As much as any of us in the family would like to consider Wyatt, our dog, the truth is, he belongs to the 2 year old of the family.  He is my daughters best friend and the bond the two of them have is amazing to witness each and every day.  From before my daughter could walk, Wyatt would always be close to her, just watching her, he would follow her around as she got older and more mobile.  He would often rest near her or with his head on her chair when she was in it.  Now that she is 2, the tables have turned and my daughter can usually be found laying on or cuddling up to Wyatt.

We have had multiple litters Sired by Wyatt in the past 3 years that we have had the pleasure of having him.  His puppies are eager to please and very much willing to do what you ask of them.  One of his puppies is currently in training to be a Celiac detection service dog, he has a couple pups who are comfort dogs, but mostly they are all beloved family pets.  Click the buttons below to see some of Wyatt's past puppies.